Edmonton Food Bank

Basic Shelf Program

To participate in the Basic Shelf Program, you MUST be parenting young children in order to attend the program.

The Basic Shelf program is a series of workshops where a small group of people are taught how to cook and shop for food on a limited budget. The program is based on the strategy of keeping a “basic shelf” of ingredients with which participants learn to create a variety of nutritious and affordable meals. The program is comprised of 10 weekly workshops and a team of facilitators leads the program, ensuring each workshop is educational and informative.

A “basic shelf” food hamper is provided and each contains basic cooking ingredients most of which can be kept for a long time without refrigeration. Participants also receive the “Basic Shelf Cookbook” designed to utilize the basic shelf of ingredients, with tips on how to shop, store and cook on a limited budget.

Contact: Diane Thursby, Alberta Health Services Collective Kitchens Coordinator
Phone: 780.735.3044 Email: diane.thursby@albertahealthservices.ca