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WECAN Food Basket Society

Contact: Wecan Food Basket Society
Phone: 780.413.4525
Email: info@wecanfood.com

WECAN Brochure

The WECAN Food Basket operates by buying bulk from wholesalers and local producers and passing the savings on to its members. Families needing to stretch their food budgets with healthy food choices may join the Wecan Food Basket and purchase a monthly food order. Membership costs only $5 for a year and the membership fees go towards supporting the program’s volunteers.

The WECAN Food Basket contains fresh produce and freshly frozen meat. A typical meat order might contain three meat choices of meat for only $15.00; a typical produce order may contain three types of vegetables and three types of seasonal fruit only for $10.00; or a combined meat and produce order for $25.00. Based on your family size you may wish to order more than one basket. Payment is due on or before the first Friday of the month with the pick-up scheduled for the third Thursday or third Friday of the month; some depots are Thursdays while others are Fridays, but none operate both days. Members must pick up their orders during their respective depot’s operating hours which are different for each depot. Orders that are not picked up are considered a donation as community depots have no storage and only operate for one day of the month at their location. Occasionally, a depot may have surplus food available for purchase at reasonable prices.

Monthly buying meetings are held to determine the contents of the food order, taking into consideration the “best buys”, membership preference, and seasonal choices. Our wholesale groceries come from TGP, The Grocery People, and as we purchase cases of produce in bulk, we receive bulk discounts. Our produce is fresh and the same quality as local grocery stores.

Wecan has volunteer drivers who pick up and deliver the bulk groceries to the community depots in churches, daycares and other community buildings. Other volunteers at the depots sort the groceries into the individual orders. Members then pick up groceries at their depots and receive a newsletter with recipes and food related information. All members are welcome to participate as volunteers.