Edmonton Food Bank

A Constable's Thanks…

Posted on October 05, 2016

A Constable's Thanks…

“I just wanted to share a story with you about how important the emergency food boxes that you prepare for the Edmonton Police Service are and how powerful that kindness is.

I have received several boxes from you over the last year or so, which we keep on hand at Division in case of emergency to support some of our shared clientele.

I have, on occasion, provided a few of these boxes to a rooming house in the area. This residence houses, at minimum, eight people, some who are transient in nature. These folks tend to pool their resources and share their food.

I had previously received complaints from the community that bottles were being stolen from backyards and garages, with the suspects allegedly living within this rooming house.

When I went to the house to speak with the tenants, it was very clear to me that they were just simply trying to survive. One of the residents acknowledged that he has taken bottles in the past but only does it to support himself.

I came back later with the first box of food and he was so heartfelt and grateful. I now check on this house and residents often and periodically bring them a food box. I have since seen a measurable reduction of theft complaints in the surrounding area.

I was volunteering for McHappy Day (Ronald McDonald house) at the time when a gentleman came in with some co-workers and I asked them for a donation. One asked me where I worked and I told him. I then offered my business card to him and he declined stating, “I know who you are. You’re the girl that brings the food. I’m working now and we really appreciate your help.”

This man then took out $5.00 from his wallet and placed it in the donation cup that I was holding and simply said “thank you” before leaving with his work crew.

I was speechless and so honoured that he paid it forward with such a generous donation when he clearly has so little. The food bank is such a great resource to our community and I’m proud to partner with you.”