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Mr. February 2016 - Tu Le

Posted on February 02, 2016

Mr. February 2016 - Tu Le

This month’s calendar guy is Tu Le from Jack’s Burger Shack in St. Albert. A family owed burger place that loves to support local and to come up with new inventive burgers (samosa on a burger was one of their Daily Burgers.)

Here’s how Tu answered our 10 questions:

1. Why participate in the YEG Sexy calendar for Edmonton’s Food Bank?
“If I can help cure hunger by just taking my shirt off and being handsome then why not.”

2. How much did you know about the Food Bank before becoming involved in the calendar?
“I didn’t know much about the inner workings of the food bank itself, but I remember when my family and I first immigrated to Edmonton, the food bank got us through some real rough times. So I know it plays a vital role to the people in our community.”

3. Where was the picture taken? Describe the day.
“The shoot took about 20 minutes at my restaurant and it was honestly the best day of my life. I had been starving myself for about 5 weeks before the shoot, so when I was done I had about 6 plates of pasta.”

4. What is the best thing about being in the food business?
“There are a few things that stand out to me personally: I never have to get dressed up for work (I wear shorts year round), … and the people I meet on a daily basis are pretty rad.”

5. What are some things that might surprise people about you and/or the business?
“I speak English fluently, I co-own Jack’s Burger Shack with my brother, Jack is his 9 year old son, I also co-own Cerdo Tacos & Tequila but with my fiancée and my pal from Surrey.”

6. How did you get into the business?
“I started cooking when I became the first Asian in university to fail math.”

7. What is the best advice about food you’ve ever been given?
“‘Do tomorrow what you did today and you’ll get tomorrow what you got today’…that can be good or bad”

8. Any tips for the cooking challenged or novice cooks?
“Cook food that you like to eat and use quality/fresh ingredients; it might cost you a little more but it will be worth it.”

9. What is your earliest cooking or food memory?
“One of my mom’s first jobs was as a dishwasher and she would save her staff meal for me everyday. I remember the day that she brought home a burger, that first bite literally changed my life.”

10. What are your 5 favorite things about Edmonton and St. Albert and why those things?
“1. The weather – having four distinct seasons
2. The tight knit and supportive business/restaurant community
3. Cheap gas
4. Great beef
5. The readily availableness of liquor stores and check cashing joints”