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Mr. May 2016 Levi Biddlecombe

Posted on April 20, 2016

Mr. May 2016 Levi Biddlecombe

Levi Biddlecombe from Attila the HUNgry was one of the first to put his name in to be part of the 2016 Sexy Men of YEG calendar. He knows some of the 2015 YEG Sexy alumni, like his former NAIT Culinary instructor Blair Lebsack of RGE RD and Nevin Fenske of Drift food truck, and wanted to be part of the project too. Besides “I like the attention” he says. Maybe that’s why his Attila the HUNgry food truck is a bright, can’t miss red. It sure has gotten a lot of attention from food truck fans in its two seasons on the scene.

Here’s how Levi answered our questions.

1. Where pic taken?

It’s was taken out front of the building housing his kitchen, which is located in a light industrial part of town. Posing with his truck right as folks were getting off work drew some funny looks from the neighbours. “I didn’t care. I had fun.” Says Levi.

2. Best thing about the food business

“I get paid for my hobby.” He gets to do what he loves and cook what he enjoys.

3. What might surprise people about you?

“People are surprised how young I am and that I’m married with two kids.” Levi is 24 and been married for 3 years.

4. How’d you get into the business?

Against advice he went straight into the NAIT culinary program from high school. He then bounced around various restaurants and catering businesses learning what he could before he decided he was ready to be his own boss. Zinc and Pampa and a 4 star restaurant in Banff are just a few of the places he worked before starting Attila the HUNgry.

5. Best advice about food you’ve ever been given?

You’re never done learning. “You may think you know a technique but odds are someone else knows it better.”

6. Any tips for the novice cook?

“Don’t be afraid of things.” Levi advises not always following the recipe, if you make something and it doesn’t work you don’t make it again but try new things. Trial and error is the way to learn what works best for you.

7. What is your earliest food memory

“When I was five or six I’d go to my grandma’s house in the summer and I’d make disgusting combinations from her fridge.” Later he baked delicious cakes and would decorate them. “My sister would tease me about it.”

8. Fave things about Edmonton.

  • Festivals
  • Getting groceries at midnight
  • Being close to downtown
  • The culinary scene “there’s so much talent it pushes you to be better”
  • Edmonton is becoming everything he loves about cities.

Keep an eye on 124th street for Levi’s new bricks and mortar location until then find Attila the HUNgry’s location using the Street Food App.