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Mr. June 2016 Jeremy Bryant

Posted on May 13, 2016

Mr. June 2016 Jeremy Bryant

YEG Sexy 2016 Mr. June, Jeremy Bryant doesn’t grow food and isn’t a chef but he does help feed people across Canada and around the world. Jeremy is the co-founder of Mealshare a charity helping feed and support youth locally through Food Bank partner agency Youth Empowerment and Support Services (Y.E.S.S. formerly Youth Emergency Shelter) and internationally through Save the Children.

Here is a little more about Jeremy:

1. Why participate in the YEG Sexy calendar for Edmonton’s Food Bank?

“You mean besides to kick off my modeling career!? Haha, as if…

The real reason is because I firmly believe that everyone in the world deserves to have access to healthy food. So if there’s anything that I can to to help make this happen, I’m in!"

2. How much did you know about the Food Bank before becoming involved in the calendar?

“I was pretty familiar with the Food Bank and the amazing work they do. Although, I did not realize just how many people they reach – it’s incredible what a big impact the Food Bank has for so many Edmontonians! A fun part of the whole project has been getting to learn more about the Food Bank and all the good work they do.”

3. Where was the picture taken? Describe the day.

“It was a gorgeous fall morning (although a little chilly given the dress code)! The photo was taken close to the river valley on the Cloverdale foot bridge. That bridge is one of my favorite spots in Edmonton – it has a great view of downtown, but it’s also fairly secluded. You can see the traffic going right under you and it’s a cool experience to just take a minute to relax on the bridge while the rest of the city/life is bustling by!”

4. What is the best thing about your job?

“I get to wake up and know that by working hard and doing a good job, more youth in need are going to be fed. It’s pretty easy to stay motivated and excited about your work when it has such a big impact on youth! On a more selfish note, I work with my best friends at Mealshare and that always keeps our work light and fun!”

5. What are some things that might surprise people about you?

“I used to be an accountant.”

“I’m an avid ‘Beer Miler’ and am plan to compete at the World Championships in Austin TX this year.” Jeremy is 39th on the Canadian Beer Mile records list!

“I’ve recently started to do a bit of gardening and am loving it. Please send me all your tips on growing raspberries and strawberries!”

6. What is the best advice about food you’ve ever been given?

“The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.” – Julia Child

7. What is your earliest cooking or food memory?

“Growing up, our whole family would go to my Nan and Pop’s house for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Each year, my cousin Andrew and I would eat all of our food except for the vegetables (namely, brussel sprouts!). Our Nan would always come by the ‘kids table’ and say “You boys, eat your vegetable; there are starving kids in Africa who would love that food!”. So, we came up with a plan that seemed like a real win-win, and pitched the idea to Nan: we’d package up all the brussel sprouts and extra food we had, and mail it over to the kids in Africa to enjoy… Needless to say, Nan did not share our enthusiasm about the idea, and we were always eventually forced to choke down those veggies. I’ve only recently started to appreciate brussel sprouts again from the years of being force-fed them!

“At the time, we couldn’t really see how us eating our vegetables would help those kids. But, looking back, I can see how Nan and her advice helped shape our values, and encouraged us to start Mealshare.”

8. What are your 5 favourite things about Edmonton? And why those things?

1) Edmonton is a town of optimists. Every year it seems like a unanimous belief that the Oilers are going to win the cup, all the potholes will be filled, and winter won’t be SO bad. It’s inspiring to see that optimism come from the entire city!

2) The river valley! Not only is it a great place to occasionally see a shirtless pasty/skinny white guy modeling for a calendar shoot, but it’s also a fantastic place for a run.

3) The restaurants. Edmonton has so many places serving amazing food in casual and approachable atmospheres.

4) Our summers. July and August in Edmonton can stand toe-to-toe with any other city in the world!

5) Edmonton is where I met my wife – can’t thank the city enough for that!