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Mr. July 2016 - Tyler Aube

Posted on July 07, 2016

Mr. July 2016 - Tyler Aube

Mangalista are the curly haired, heritage pigs raised by Mr. July 2016, Tyler Aube on his farm near Bawlf, Alberta. “We have all our production outside in open air and on grass allowing the pigs to do pig things such as break fences and get out. We chose them after reading about them online and have no regrets, very gentle and patient pigs. They get their most aggressive when one is getting its belly rubbed and another one gets jealous” says Tyler. It takes about 2 years for these animals to mature resulting in a premium high quality curing product that is sought after on the Alberta food scene.

Here’s a bit more about Tyler.

1. Why participate in the YEG Sexy Calendar for Edmonton’s Food Bank?
“My wife brought up the idea to me and assuming no one was interested in a plus size model, I agreed.”

2. How much did you know about the Food Bank before becoming involved in the calendar?
“I knew the food bank existed but that was about it. The number of people being served blew me away.”

3. Describe the day the picture was taken.
“We had fun. The photographer showed up in the afternoon. We did lots of stuff with the pigs around, laying on the grass with pigs chewing on me, holding some piglets (cutting room floor), then the water hose/wet t shirt. It was lots of fun.”

4. What’s the best thing about your job?
“I have multiple jobs, farmer, father, husband, and salesman. The best part of the farmer job though is seeing the product from start to finish, putting quality Mangalitsa pork on our supper table at the end of the day. Plus I get to figuratively and literally bring home the bacon.”

5. What are some things about you that might surprise people?
“The fact that I did this calendar blew away most of my friends and customers (from my other job).”

6. What is the best advice you have ever received about food?
“My most memorable food advice came from my grandfather and was along the lines of someone worked hard to make it so I better eat it.”

7. What is your earliest cooking memory?
“My earliest cook experience was totally Canadian; Kraft Dinner. I made exotic variations with spices and different sauces. I was an artist with it.”

8. What are you five favourite things about Edmonton?
“My favorite things about Edmonton is the diversity and availability of different cultural foods. French, Mexican. Indian….. whatever I’m hankering for, it’s not far away. Whyte avenue. River valley. The scene around and on campus at the U of A.”

You can try some Mangalista pork from Tyler’s farm at Vivo Ristorante, Sage, The Marc, or purchase some to try at home from Acme Meats.