Edmonton Food Bank

Edmonton's Food Bank is up for an Aviva Community Grant

Posted on October 13, 2016

Edmonton's Food Bank is up for an Aviva Community Grant

Register online and vote for our idea to help us get the needed funds to make our Centre for Poverty Reduction all it can be and give our neighbours in need a helping hand. Voting goes until October 28th.

Since 2014, the number of people seeking our assistance has increased from 13,000 per month to over 20,000 per month. Our clients come from all backgrounds and walks of life but have in common the lack of resources to be food secure. Over half our clients make less than $25,000 and pay more than half their income to rent.

To help find ways of better assisting our clients and the community we conducted a client survey in 2015 and asked what additional programs would be helpful to them. They told us programs in employment readiness, money management, and cooking/shopping skills would be valuable. We are now presenting these programs in our second warehouse. To enhance these programs we need technology and AV equipment to help deliver programming and make it easier for our clients to learn and enjoy the workshops and presentations. We have applied to the Aviva Community Fund for the funds to get AV equipment to enhance these workshops and maximize their effectiveness but WE NEED YOUR HELP!