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Door to Door Collecting for Edmonton's Food Bank

Posted on September 13, 2017

Door to Door Collecting for Edmonton's Food Bank

It is the time of year when many start looking at ways to help those in need. One of the ways that people choose to help is by going door to door for their favourite charity to collect donations. It is a great way to get even the youngest involved in doing good for the community and with a little pre-planning it can be a wonderful way to help while building community as well.

The first thing to do when doing a door to door for any charity is to contact the charity to see if they have any restrictions or rules around door to door collection. Here at Edmonton’s Food Bank, for example, we do not allow anyone to collect monetary donations at the door only non-perishable food. Monetary donations can be made in person at our warehouse, by calling us at 780.425.2133, securely through our website or by mailing a cheque. This also ensures the Edmonton’s Food Bank knows about your door to door collection, so we can answer any questions about it that may come in. These days people can be suspicious of door to door collections so it is likely people will contact us to confirm we are aware of the collection. At Edmonton’s Food Bank we will put door to door collections on our website, which gives donors and volunteer groups an easy way to check if a food drive is sanctioned.

The second thing to is to let your neighbours know what your doing. At Edmonton’s Food Bank we ask groups to send us a flyer for approval containing the location and date of the drive as well as contact information for both the group and Edmonton’s Food Bank. Flyers should be distributed at least four days in advance giving your neighbours time to get their donation together. It should also be made clear if volunteers will be ringing the door bell or if a donation is to be left on the door step. We recommend the latter, which means less disruption for donors and a quicker, more efficient door to door collection for volunteer groups!

This month Edmonton’s Food Bank will be benefiting from the Edmonton Food Drive on Saturday, September 23. This annual city wide door to door is organized by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. If you receive a flyer and bag from them in the week leading up to September 23 you can leave your donations on your door step before 10 am. The volunteers will be by before noon to collect.

If you would like to do a door to door collection for Edmonton’s Food Bank give us a call at 780.425.2133 and we’d be glad to speak with you. To get started you can download our door to door rules and best practices here

Thank you for your support!