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May is Leave a Legacy Month - Join our Legacy!

Posted on May 08, 2018

May is Leave a Legacy Month - Join our Legacy!

A gift that changed thousands of lives
Alison Rice had a humble upbringing. She never thought of herself as a generous philanthropist who could give a gift that would affect the lives of thousands of people and would continue to change lives for years to come. In 1994, Alison left a gift to the Edmonton Gleaners Association (Edmonton’s Food Bank) in her Will. These funds were instrumental in allowing us to purchase our first warehouse on 111 Street and 102 Avenue. Because of Alison’s gift, and the initial purchase of our previous warehouse, Edmonton’s Food Bank was able to build a foundation for its current programming to help our neighbours in need.

Donations help ensure our community is supported like the following family: One Friday afternoon in March, a family of four came into Edmonton’s Food Bank after closing with looks on their faces of dire need. Luckily, there were still a couple of Food Bank staff in the building who prepared a hamper for this family. The two staff members prepared the hamper with care, taking into account the special dietary needs of the family. The hampers were placed on the table in the reception area for the family to pack into grocery bags. The two children rushed to the table and the young son looked at his Dad and exclaimed, “Look Daddy we’re rich!”
When food is equated to wealth for a child, we know we are doing good. Thanks to our donors, Edmonton’s Food Bank supported 64,080 Edmontonians in 2017. Of those helped, 23,891 were children who would otherwise go to bed hungry.

It doesn’t take a lot to make a lasting difference. In fact, anyone can leave a legacy. At Edmonton’s Food Bank, $1 = 3 meals. That means: $500 = 1500 meals or $10,000 = 30,000 meals

You don’t have to notify us of your intention to include Edmonton’s Food Bank in your Will. However, notification will ensure that your bequest is carried out in the way you intend. For information about leaving your legacy, please contact:

Tamisan Bencz-Knight
780.425.2133 ext. 232
Manager of Strategic Relationships & Partnerships

Annie Dietrich
780.425.2133 ext. 234
Resource Development Assistant